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Khale and Valerie Dana own a Fantatic Sams on Brodway and Mineral in Littlton, CO. Valerie Dana has had 40 employess quit within 3 months because the store manager Marissa Hecker is verbally abusive to the employees 40 people can't be wrong. Every person has left a message with Kathy Cain and the main office about the bullying manager.

Every person that ever complained lost their jobs Seems like Fantastic Sams thinks this kind of behavior is ok, yet we teach our children different.

The Dana family claims to be chosen leader of Christ, yet they allow their employees to lose the jobs to where they can't take care of their familes because of the truth. Shame on people that hide behind christianity beliefs but allow the devil to dwell in their homes.

Very sad

Monetary Loss: $40000.


Littleton, Colorado, United States #600224

So why are you judging me?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #600145

The Bible also says "Judge not, lest ye be judged." What are you doing?

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